As a delegate, how much will APEX 2018 cost me?

The APEX 2018 delegate fee will be approximately $300. This fee is inclusive of hotel accommodations, transportation, meals, entrance to social events and more! However, for our external delegates, this fee will not cover the cost of a flight or transportation to Toronto. Although, as an external delegate, there is always the option to apply for subsidization with your University campus. Our external ambassadors have worked hard to arrange various forms of subsidization for our delegates, so reach out to your campus ambassador for additional information.

What are the dates of APEX 2018?

The APEX 2018 conference will be held on the weekend of January 4th to January 7th.

Where will the conference be held this year?

APEX 2018 will be held at the Omni King Edward hotel in downtown Toronto.

Will APEX have accounting/finance/marketing/other specialization representation?

Yes, the APEX conference seeks to have representation from any business specialization you may be considering or are currently focused on. Since the APEX conference also focuses on the soft-skill development of our delegates, the emphasis remains on making you the most well-rounded, qualified business student for any career you may be pursuing.

Do I get an opportunity to choose which workshops I attend?

Yes, our delegates get the option of selecting which workshops they attend at the conference. Once you are selected as a delegate, you will be asked about your workshop preferences. However, each workshop does have limited seating.

What have the socials been like in the past?

At the end of each night, our delegates are all invited to come out to our social events. In the past, delegates have shared laughs at the SecondCity Comedy Club or have remained at the edge of their seats at a Raptors Game.

Is there a quota of how many students are allowed to attend per school?

There is no quota placed on how many students can attend the conference from one particular campus. All of our delegates are evaluated based on the quality of their delegate application.

Will I get to choose who I share a room with?

Yes, once you are selected to be an APEX 2018 delegate, you will be asked about your roommate preferences. However, requests will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis.

How should I go about answering the application questions?

Some of the best advice to follow when completing the APEX delegate application is to just to make sure to emphasize and accentuate your personality, if the question is results based then state your results and be specific, and make sure to differentiate yourself through your answers by being creative. Good luck!

Who can I reach out to learn more about the conference?

The APEX executive team and campus ambassador team welcome any additional questions, which you can ask either in person or by reaching out to us on social media. Shoot us a message on our Facebook Page or tweet us a question here